Web design, development & maintenance
web design and maintenance


Using the internet is commonly considered to be the most cost effective way of attracting new customers, whatever the nature of your business.

We can offer a range of web services, from web hosting, email setup to web site development and publishing.

"Web" can mean many things - but for us web support is all about getting our clients online and keeping them there.  Here's the three main areas we work in;

Web site development

If you don't have a web site, or have one you or a friend put together, then the chances are you can significantly grow your business and attract new customers by commissioning a new site. Whitehill offers everything from low cost yet professional "brochure" web sites to bespoke web sites linked, for example, to Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, we aim to deliver precisely what you need - for example, the Worksop Wheelers Cycling Club needed integration with Strava, a web service which allows their members to track and post times and routes.  Hopewell House just needed a one-page "brochure" site for a block of offices.

Typically, our web site development falls into two types;

Low cost, "brochure" style web site

Imagine websites as salespeople who work around the clock to inform people of who you are and what you can do for them. Many companies looking to expand use websites as a cost effective tool for promotion. Brochure websites are a low cost solution to showcase your company's portfolio, and present your corporate face to the world.

A brochure site is a web site which give an overview of your business, together with contact details. This type of site is giving customers information and an impression of your business, together with any promotional material and the opportunity to contact you to discuss further. Typically a brochure web site has 1 - 3 pages. It can contain services, products or a portfolio that showcases all your examples of work. Our brochure websites are generally simple, easy to navigate, and professional. They tend to be created using a clean, crisp design taking into account the company’s colours and branding. Information (both text and image) will be well laid out and easy to read. You can edit, add and delete the content yourself, since we'll always build a "Content Management System" (CMS) into the site.

A brochure site is unlikely to cost very much and using a CMS ensures you can avoid paying for costly updates by a web designer every time you want the content changed.

Like all our designs, awareness that people are increasingly using mobile as well as desktop devices to access websites is taken into account at all stages. This means the site will be accessible to all.

Bespoke web site

Web sites which need frequent updating, or have specific needs (for example a shop) are best developed as a one-off site. We call these "bespoke" web sites. They may include the ability for you or your administrator to update text and images; they may require close integration with social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, or pull in video posted to YouTube.

Let us know what you have in mind and we'll present you with a proposal with costings. We'll work with you to ensure users of your web site can access what they need quickly and achieve their goals effectively. We use rapid development technology together with scenarios for different users of the site to prioritise work and present regular updates to you for feedback. In this way you get the site you want and there are no surprises along the way!

Reasons to choose Whitehill for your web site development

  • We approach everything from the business perspective, making sure you achieve your objectives
  • Pricing is competitive and can include everything from domain searching to hosting and support
  • Everything is built so you can edit, add or delete content without coming back to Whitehill - reducing or eliminating ongoing costs

Hosting and domains

Web sites and emails are based on a domain and run on a host. Typically a web domain ends with .com, .co.uk or .net. We can work with you to find the best domain for your business, and we can register this for you with the relevant regulatory bodies. We can also provide web hosting for your email and web site.

Please note: to make sure we're providing the best possible support, we only provide hosting and domains for clients who have bought other services from Whitehill.  This limits the number of clients we're providing web support to, and avoids overloading our servers.

We can work with you to find the best domain for your business. Domain names affect your ranking in search and also the professionalism and reach of your business, so they do matter! We'll find available domains relevant to your business and send you a list of possible domains. Once you've selected your preference we can register this in your name (or ours, if you prefer) and it's all yours.

Once it's purchased, we'll set everything up so the domain is visible online and hosted on our fast, reliable servers (provided by a specialist third party).  Once this is in place, the web site can be uploaded onto the server and will be visible to your clients or suppliers. 

Email addresses can be set up to use the same domain, giving a professional look and feel to your business.We can set up unlimited numbers of emails, and provide automatic forwarding of these if required, or full email accounts including storage of emails and webmail.

Setup and support

If you have a web site already, perhaps with some email addresses, we can manage the environment for you.  If we've provided the web site development, hosting and domain setup, then you'll have setup and support included.

What happens if your web site goes down, or your email stops working?  How about when you need to move to a secure site, but don't know how to do it? We can help.  If we're hosting your site and email, we can check, sort and fix whatever you need as part of our ongoing commitment to support your business. If you already have a third party supplier or host, wherever possible we'll liaise with them on your behalf to get things fixed.  Either way, we'll make sure you get online as soon as possible.

Please note: to make sure we're providing the best possible support, we only provide setup and support for clients who have bought other services from Whitehill.  This limits the number of clients we're providing web support to, and avoids overloading our staff.